Aruba Airport Guide to Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA)

Aruba Airport Taxi

Get within 5 minutes to Oranjestad by taxi given the airport’s closest location to downtown.


Taxis are located immediately outside Arrivals.


To hail a taxi in Aruba Airport, please contact any of the following companies:

Arubas Transfer Tour & Taxi: +297 582 2116 / 582 2010

Taxi Address Service: +297 587 5900

Aruba Taxi Company: +297 587 1300

Service: 24/7.


Taxi rates at Aruba Airport are fixed.

-To Downtown Hotels and Resorts: AFL 26

-To Marina Pirata: AFL 25

-To Baby Beach: AFL 46

-To Chapel Alto Vista: AFL 32

-To Harbour Cruise ships: AFL 25

-To Natural Pool: AFL 31

-To Palm Beach: AFL 30

-To Eagle Beach: AFL 28

Payment must be made with Aruban Florins.



Get to your destination safe and sound by booking a transfer at Aruba Airport